PJ Calhoun, manager at The Shoe Market, highlights the importance of wearing correctly sized shoes to avoid foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes. Many adults have not had their feet measured since childhood, which can lead to wearing improperly fitting shoes. The Shoe Market uses the Brannock Device for accurate measurements of foot length, width, and arch, ensuring that customers receive footwear that offers proper support and comfort.

The Shoe Market offers a wide variety of shoe sizes and styles to accommodate different foot types and needs. With footwear available in women’s sizes 5 to 13 and men’s sizes 7 to 17 in various widths, they ensure that every customer can find a shoe that fits well and suits their lifestyle. The staff at The Shoe Market are knowledgeable and assist customers in selecting shoes that address specific foot conditions and usage requirements, whether for daily wear, running, special occasions, or work on hard surfaces.

Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, The Shoe Market has been a family-owned business for over 30 years, boasting one of the largest selections of shoes in the Southeast. They focus on providing personalized service and have a thorough selection process to meet individual customer needs effectively. For those looking for quality footwear and professional fitting services, The Shoe Market offers an extensive inventory and expert guidance.

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